The CrystalColor 7 is one of the most powerful and smallest LED fixtures available to date. The bright white model easily outperforms a 75 Watt halogen lamp. The ultra small dimensions can make her invisible in her environment, but will always remain a beauty to see.

Absolutely free of any maintenance and a lifecycle of 50.000 hours makes the CC7 the cheapest LED source of light available. Fully air- and watertight and suitable both for usage inside as well as outside (IP68)..

The CrystalColor 7 is available in bright white (2750K to 8000K), monochrome coloured or as a colour changer. The CC7 can produce every colour of the optic spectrum, but does not produce any harmful heat (IR) or UV radiation. Your valuables are safe. The use of MultiMirror® precision optics makes it possible to perfectly aim the light, meaning good illumination but also no loss of light.

De CC7 is popular in museum, shops, galleries, showrooms and as building- and garden lighting

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