Theater and Clubs

Theatres and Clubs

Because your guests deserve the best!

All4light LED spots are well suited for applications in the entertainment business: such as: theatres, clubs, studios and cinemas. Our fixtures offer beautiful, evenly lit and/ or colour changing lighting, with which you can distinguish yourself from competitors.

The possibilities with one fixture are endless: colour fading, stroboscobical effects, nothing is impossible

The LED fixtures are also extraordinarily small, air- and watertight, which allows the fitures to be placed in the most inaccesable en extreme circumstances. And with their lifecycle of 50.000 hours, you will not have to worry about the problems with replacements. This appealing light does not contain any harmful heat (IR), which is pleasant for your guests, employees and your energy bill.

In short: the best lighting for your business.

Seeing is believing! Contact us for a demonstration!


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