All4light is manufacturer and developer of the most powerful LED lighting fixtures available to day. We design and manufacture IP68 LED fixtures suitable for virtually any application; the CrystalColor3, CrystalColor5 en CrystalColor 7. For pool lighting we manufacture the powerful WaterVision15 fixture.

Our LED fixtures are used in a variety of environments, such as:

No illumination problem is too complicated for All4light; lighting  nuclear power stations, colour changing shop windows or bridges, architectural and automotive industry lighting are but a few of the many projects we have done. By using LED (Light Emitting Diodes) you will benefit from many advantages compared to traditional forms of lighting. For example the long lifecycle, the saving of energy, durable design, reliability, colour choice and much more.

Aside from offering you our line of products we can also assist you by providing tailor made lighting advice. All4light is the right choice for you.



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